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» Significant information about custom dress shirtin Singapore by Perfect Attire

Significant information about custom dress shirtin Singapore by Perfect Attire

Posted : September 4, 2015 | Comments : Views : 259

Clothing fabrics in the market come in a wide selection of material and weaves. Pure Cotton and Cotton blend being the most common. Most fabric names make reference to the particular method by which its underlying fibers have been woven. We won’t get into it here, but remember that the thickness and characteristics from the cotton fiber comes into play when determining the standard and function of a shirting fabric.

Oxford Fabric
Oxford cloth is built using heavy yarns typically in the 40s and 50s counts. Generally considered as a casual shirt fabric, it is most commonly designed with the button-down collar, but in America it is perfectly acceptable for many business occasions. In colored and designed Oxford shirts only the threads running in a single direction are dyed, keeping the other thread white. This gives a basket-weave which includes a characteristic textured appearance. The Pinpoint oxford is weaved likewise but of a finer yarn and is considerably smoother and sartorial.

Poplin Fabric
Poplin has a smoother texture compared to oxford, but similar pounds. This is the consequence of a fine yarn running one of the ways with a thicker yarn interweaving it. Poplin shirt fabric is actually soft and comfortable and frequently used in formal shirts.

Twill Fabric
Custom Dress Shirts Singapore includes a shimmery diagonal weave and creates richly textured shirts that make up a good chunk of formal wear. In herringbone twill, the direction of the diagonals switches backwards and forwards every quarter inch or so, giving the fabric triangular pattern. When the occasion calls for an unusual solid shirt, twill plays the part with panache.

End-on-End Fabrics
A one-on-one weave, this fabric traditionally utilizes white with another colour to produce a subtle check effect as well as texture. Occasionally, two colors are used to produce a “double shot” effect. The liberal use of pattern and also the eye catching weave makes this particular fabric as a casual put on, but with the correct collar and tie this fabric weave finds itself in conservative wardrobes.

Cotton as opposed to Blends - The discussion continues
Cotton is breathable and is great for warmer climate. The world’s finest luxury shirts are made only using 100% cotton without any blends. Giza cotton and Sea-Island cotton being the most luxurious.
The con to 100 % cotton is that it usually wrinkles easily and it could be expensive. How you take care of your tailored shirt singapore fabric also makes for the longevity of your shirt and its durability.

Blended Shirt Fabrics
Blends are frequently wrinkle resistant, less costly, have excellent color fastness, and are warmer than the pure cotton shirts.

But the excessive amount of man-made fiber in this fabric makes it non-breathable and usually uncomfortable to wear on a hot day.

Perfect Attire deals only with pure cotton fabrics milled by luxury brands such as Tessitura Monti of Italy and Soktas of Turkey. They have a collection featuring almost all the weaves mentioned above and they only provide made to measure service. With free customizations and free delivery worldwide you cannot ask for a better deal. Each order is a handcrafted tailored shirt that you will truly describe as a custom dress shirt.
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