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» How Is It Helpful to Use a Wool Carpet Padding?

How Is It Helpful to Use a Wool Carpet Padding?

Posted : February 17, 2017 | Comments : Views : 14

Here’s a fact: Even if the pile weight of your carpet is higher, it will still need cushion to enhance service life, especially in applications where there is high foot traffic. Sadly, some homeowners tend to overlook the benefits of carpet padding, not realizing that it can dramatically prolong the life of their carpets. Without padding, carpets can lose their appeal or fresh appearance. Wool carpet padding can slow the pile height loss and crushing to keep the carpet looking new, luxurious, and richer for an extended period. Apart from this, wool carpet padding can help you in many other ways:

  • Free of toxic chemicals – As long as you use natural wool carpet padding, you can be sure that it is naturally pigmented and free of toxic glues and adhesives. Instead, it is mechanically needled onto a cotton scrim. It goes well with a natural wool carpet, too, so you can have a cleaner, healthier household.

  • Wool is healthy – Natural wool is the finest, purest wool you could ever get. It is not treated with toxic substances and washed with bleach and harsh cleansers. Hence, it retains its natural properties, like lanolin, which repels dust mites. This way, wool carpet padding can help reduce your allergies and keep your home healthy.

  • Versatile – Wool carpet padding can be used over wood, tile, and heated flooring. Look for it in an average thickness of 7/16 of an inch and weighing 40 ounces per square yard. Some retailers sell carpet padding with a carpet, but you can get it without a carpet, too.

  • It can improve the acoustical properties of the carpet – The pile surface may effectively absorb surface noise, but the soundproofing can be improved with wool carpet padding. Tests that were conducted in the reverberation chambers of the Kodaras Acoustical Laboratories support this. Without cushion, the noise reduction coefficient of the carpet on concrete floor was 0.25. With carpet cushion, the number was a 0.65. A separate cushion can help minimize noise transmission from impact, too. The impact noise rating of carpeted concrete floor without padding is +14. With padding, it was at +25.

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