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» Important Benefits of Airbrush Wedding Makeup for the Bride

Important Benefits of Airbrush Wedding Makeup for the Bride

Posted : February 17, 2017 | Comments : Views : 18

It’s quite natural that you want to look your best on your wedding day. You may get yourself that special pricey attire, designer eye-catching jewelry, matching sandals and other accessories, but that’s not enough to prepare for a complete camera-ready getup until and unless you have a perfect makeup on your face.

When it comes to facial makeup, quality of the product matters. There is no shortage of cheap makeup products on the stores that ruin your face more than enhancing the beauty. So, you need to buy the best-quality makeup products. Once you have got your foundation and makeup kit ready, it’s time to apply the makeup properly, I mean in proper amount.

However, with the technology getting more and more advanced, the traditional wedding makeup style will no longer give you the best look. Rather, go for airbrush wedding makeup technique that offers a perfect look and transforms a bad face into a photogenic one in no time.

A wedding makeup artist would help you have the best face for your wedding photographs. If you are looking for a good airbrush wedding makeup artist in Edmonton for your big day and are tired of searching the terms like airbrush makeup Edmonton, wedding makeup Edmonton etc. Chelsea McCurdy could be an excellent option for you. She has a website that tells more about her work and expertise. You may visit it if you’re interested in more details.

Now, let’s talk about some of the benefits of airbrush wedding makeup.

Airbrush Makeup is Lightweight

Airbrush makeup is a patented makeup technique that is done by spraying compressed air on a fine mist of makeup. It is extremely lightweight, so brides won’t really feel any difference after wearing the makeup. They would feel as if they had no makeup put on their face.

Since airbrush makeup application is lightweight it gives you more comfort and convenience, which is pretty much essential on a day that needs to you to move a lot and yet stay charming and camera-ready all the time.

It Gives a Flawless Finish

Airbrush makeup application gives a uniform and flawless finish to the makeup on the face. The compressed air is sprayed smoothly and uniformly across the face in an even and misted pattern. In turn, a flawless and natural texture is obtained that is barely visible on the digital screen. So, this type of makeup technique is most suitable for digital photography and bridal work.


It’s Hypoallergenic

The airbrush makeup technique is hypoallergenic meaning it doesn’t cause any irritation or allergy on the skin. It’s fragrance-free, too. There is no alcohol or oil added to the makeup mist. People of all ages and all skin types can put on the airbrush makeup and look their best.

It’s Long-lasting

Airbrush makeup is water, smear, sweat and tear resistant, so the makeup can last for 14 to 16 hours or more. Skin imperfections are highly minimized and a great flawless finish is achieved through airbrush makeup.

If you are in Edmonton, Chelsea would be an excellent choice for you as she offers the best Airbrush wedding makeup Edmonton for a great price.


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