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» A must visit to the World of Birds in Penang

A must visit to the World of Birds in Penang

Posted : February 17, 2017 | Comments : Views : 15

The first and largest bird park of its kind in Malaysia, founded during 1988, the wide spread park on the mainland portion of Penang State, has a collection of more than 300 variant species of birds from all over the world, amongst which there are more than 100 species belonging to Malaysian origin. 

Located in Seberang Jaya, within the beautifully- landscaped, five-acre Penang Bird Park are two walk-in aviaries and two geodesic-domed enclosures, resembling the birds’ natural habitat.


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Constructed in the concept of a garden, the park boasts of its alluring landscaping with impressive deluge of hibiscus, orchids, bamboo, ornamental plant and palm trees. Gushing waterfalls and natural ponds bubbling with vibrant fishes, lotus and water lilies, creating a home for the free-roaming flamingos, swans, herons and dazzling ducks. Observe from the Chinese-style wooden bridges or relax in the little Malay huts that dot the park to enjoy the beauty of nature at play. A comfy air-conditioned restaurant in the park serves yummy local and western cuisine. Give it a try!

Besides being a tourist attraction, a bird park also plays a vital role in the conservation of endangered bird species. The sanctuary of feathered creatures ensures the survival of nearly-extinct species of the bird world.

Penang Bird Park Sanctuary houses several species of deer including the tiniest deer in the world called Mouse-Deer. Huge Arapaima fish, pythons, giant estuarine crocodile, tortoises and several diversified species of wild kingdom are also protected in the park. Spend some time with birds, perfect place for animal lovers!




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