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John Dugan

John Dugan


John Dugan is a respected professional author who is noted for his contributions to a variety of news organizations, magazines and websites. His most recent work includes extensive writing concerning current research on men’s health issues.

Itchy Member Urge: Covering the Need to Scratch

It’s a no-brainer: When a man has an itchy member, he’s going to have to scratch it sooner or later. Finding a way to disguise that scratch in social situations is key.


Manhood Problems and Iron: When Hemochromatosis is Involved

It’s the rare man who never has any manhood problems in his life. But men with hemochromatosis – which overloads the body with too much iron – may be prone to such issues.


Male Organ Pain: Are Barrier Protections to Blame?

In many cases, male organ pain has a very clear cause. But when it comes from the use of a barrier protection, a man might wonder just how to stay safe while still enjoying bedroom fun.


Male Organ Pain After Oral Sensual Activity: Urethritis?

Oral sensual activity is one of life’s most pleasurable activities, especially for a man. But sometimes that pleasure may be the source of some male organ pain down the road, courtesy of urethritis.


How to Boost Manhood Health and Male Fertility

Manhood health and male fertility go hand-in-hand. Fortunately, there are many ways a man can improve both through his day-to-day activities.


Is Male Organ Health Compromised by Naturist Activities?

Male organ health should be uppermost in the mind of any man, including one who is considering engaging in any naturist activities. With proper care, naturism can be fine for a man.


Sensual Toys: Posterior Plugs and Proper Manhood Care

In the world of sensual toys, posterior plugs are becoming more popular among men who seek to expand their sensual pleasures. With proper use, they can add to manhood care.


Linking the Tumescent Manhood to Oral Hygiene

A number of factors can affect the development of a tumescent manhood, but not all men know that oral hygiene is one of them. So keep brushing those teeth!


What to Do About Stretch Marks on Manhood Skin

Every man wants handsome manhood skin, but sometimes little skin problems mar the situation. Stretch marks are one of the issues that can make a man self-conscious.


Self-Pleasuring with Another Guy: Some Tips

Self-pleasuring is arguably the most fun a guy can have all alone – but it doesn’t have to be done all alone. Broaching the subject with another male can be touchy, though.


Itchy Male Organ: When Scabies Attack

The occasional itchy male organ is something guys tend to live with. But when scabies is the cause of that itch, steps need to be taken right away.


5 Fun Uses for a Tumescent Male Organ

Every guy knows of one extremely fun use for his tumescent male organ, but why stop there? Variety is the spice of life, so find more uses to spice up the sensual side.


Manhood Health and Piercing: What a Man Should Know

Those who have a member piercing might wonder about their manhood health. How should they go about maintaining their smooth, supple skin? Here are the answers.


A Dry, Itchy Manhood Might be Caused by Eczema

Eczema anywhere on the body can be an annoying situation. But eczema can lead to an itchy manhood, and that’s enough to drive a man a little crazy.


Could Tumescence Dysfunction and Blood Type Be Linked?

There can be many factors that result in tumescence dysfunction for a man. Now a new study suggests that one of those factors may be a man’s blood type.


Big Male Organ Size: Useful Sensual Tips

So many sensual tips tend to focus on men of modest endowment, but exceptionally large male organ size also comes with its own set of baggage that needs to be addressed.


Sore Manhood Alert: Possible Member Pump Risks

Using a member pump can help a man with tumescence issues or aid in a temporarily larger male organ. But it can also create a sore manhood, among other issues.


His Manhood Odor: A Woman’s Guide

For most men, manhood odor is a problem that needs to be fought regularly. With this guide, women can know what to do to help in the fight.


Red Male Organ: a Sign of Dyaesthesia

A red male organ may be simply the result of good blood flow, but may also be a sign of dyaesthesia, which brings with it considerable pain and discomfort.


What are Male Organ Pimples?

Got manhood bumps? Those might be male organ pimples. Understanding what male organ pimples are goes a long way toward getting rid of them.