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Kuldeep Bwail

Kuldeep Bwail


Kuldeep Bwail is a Director at XS CAD Limited which is a leading Building Services Coordination and 3D BIM Coordination provider to customers in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Europe, India and the Middle East.

Challenges of modeling in Ductwork

What is ductwork modelling and how it fits into MEP modeliing and coordination.


The challenges for roof design in homebuilding

Different facades lead to different roof lines and styles even if the house is the same floor plate. Sometimes better to do roof in 2d as plan changes result in constant roof design changes and it takes a while to do them in 3d. considerations for roof design include slope, drainage, support etc.


How BIM Helps During The Construction Phase?

Better co-ordination of construction documents allows use during construction by builders and installers because they can a) trust the drawings are from a 3d model and b) view the model also - both provide more confidence. The model is still in a single Place for all Documents with the help of Autodesk 360-a cloud based application BIM helps to improve the quality of the information in many cases as it provides for pre-fabrication and installation level detail in the drawings. Shows builders where holes need to be made/bored. Shows steel installers the importance of castellations being in


Why does the Architectural Design Development Phase become More Challenging than the schematic and Contract Phase?

Creating a design that is visualised and sketched by a designer is of course a significant architectural challenge but is taking that design on for design development and detailing more challenging? Is taking that visualisation into 3D and 2D and construction drawing sets likely to maintain the design intent and is it efficient to allow someone else to develop a design. Also, why does it become a challenge and what type of issues and problems arise as a result and how do we overcome the challenge - i.e. involving the designer/architect at various stages and sign off points. Raising design in


One Stop MEP Design & MEP BIM Services

MEP Design Engineering and MEP BIM services are provided by XS CAD. We are doing the BIM model as well as the MEP design and therefore our design output is more workable and ready to use by other users along the chain, also the relationship with the designer and the BIM modeller is close so any problems the BIM modeller finds - they can ask the designer as in the same office in India just like they were in the same office in London, New York or Sydney if they were not outsourced - THESE are the benefits of BOTH services being offered by one place.


10 Reasons to Use Revit Architecture for Homebuilding Design

Looking at the software market specifically for homebuilders and home designers around the world, you’ll notice the increased adoption of intelligent CAD software that architects and designers use on a daily basis. There has to be something though about the industry standard software, Revit from Autodesk, that sets it apart and makes it the most used CAD and BIM package in the world today.


Outsourcing Architectural Design Development

An company abroad, for instance, would handle all the drawing/modeling tasks but is not usually in direct contact with the client, nor is it present in meetings and basically works hard to deliver on the lead architect’s requirements. That’s why using “outsourcing” as a term to describe working with interns and graduates is warranted, but as we’ll see, it may often not be the best approach.


Residential Design Stages With ArchiCAD 3D

Residential Modelling and Drafting are an essential (do not use superlatives like this) part of residential design process. This article highlights the important stages of residential design process and also how ArchiCAD 3D can be effectively used to document the design.


10 Reasons to Use Revit for Retail Design

Revit has proved to be a very important tool for creating retail design drawings as the leading retailers globally are now adopting this tool in retail design and construction projects. This article highlights the reasons as to why this tool is useful for retailers and the benefits it brings to them.


Top 10 Considerations When Selecting A Design Partner For Homebuilding

Faced with an increasing workload and the additional pressure of delivering quality work to their clients, homebuilders are now hiring partner companies to support their workload. This article highlights the ten most important considerations for home builders and home designers that can help them to hire the right partner for their homebuilding design projects.


Why Consultants Should Use a Partner for MEP Design

The lack of 3D spatial co-ordination skills can result in several stages of design re-work during the life cycle of an MEP design project. MEP (M&E) consultants also face the risk of losing the trust of their clients due to the resultant delays. This article explains why consultants should consider hiring the services of partner companies for their MEP modelling and design projects.


Detailed Retail Construction Drawings Play a Key Role in Design-Bid-Build Projects

The article discusses how detailed and unambiguous retail construction drawing sets can help moderate-budget retail projects, which use design-bid-build delivery methods, to avoid change orders and increase project profitability. Also highlighted is the key role that such retail construction drawing sets play in helping all the parties involved, including the architects, designers, and contractors.


How Open BIM Helps Push Interoperability?

This article discusses the importance of open BIM standards and how it can push interoperability amongst diverse project stakeholders adopting the building information modelling process. An overview of neutral, non-proprietary data exchange formats, including IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) is provided.


Identifying the right Retail Design Outsourcing Partner

This article discusses the important points which retail property developers should look into when identifying their architectural CAD outsourcing services partner for retail design and design development projects.


BIM and IPD for Retail: A Key to Improving Time to Market

This article provides an overview of how retail property owners can collectively use building information modeling (BIM) tools and integrated project delivery (IDP) methods to accelerate their projects’ time to market whilst making judicious use of retail space. It also discusses how adopting the use of retail BIM modeling is a positive value proposition for the entire retail facilities development chain.


This article discusses the role of MEP (M&E) design consultants and contractors in a typical MEP services project. It emphasizes how the contractor’s

This article discusses the role of MEP (M&E) design consultants and contractors in a typical MEP services project. It emphasizes how the contractor’s role necessitates extending the MEP consultant’s design-intent and detailing it to make constructible fabrication and installation-friendly layouts but is not considered as ‘design’.


How BIM is Creating Scope Overlap for the MEP Design Industry?

This article discusses the importance of successfully managing MEP projects using BIM technology without overlapping scope. Scope overlap between consultants and contractors when creating BIM model is diminishing the value and benefit of BIM technology in construction and until the scope is well defined and an alternative approach taken, the industry will not benefit from BIM's full potential for project cost and time savings.


As-Built Construction Assets: Key to Future Planning and Facilities Management

This article sheds light on the significance of as-built drawings and as-built BIM models and how they benefit building owners and developers. Also provided is the overview of the methods used to prepare these as-built drawings and models.


Issues Affecting The Adoption of 3D BIM Modelling

This article throws some light on the key inhibitions and apprehension that AEC firms and professionals experience when considering a drastic shift from the traditional CAD-based design workflow to the modern 3D BIM modelling approach. Impending factors described include resistance to embracing the new technology, the steep learning curve to train team members on BIM tools, the decrease in productivity during transition phase, and the skill that goes into preparing custom detailed content.


Crucial Developments in 3D Building Services Design and Coordination Field

This article talks about some of the major developments in the field of MEP (M&E) systems design in the last decade. These include the adoption of intelligent BIM software for designing and carrying out 3D building services coordination, greater interdisciplinary collaboration between diverse teams, increasing use of pre-fabrication and just-in-time delivery, and government policies tailored to mandate or promote BIM.