Link Removal Request From ArticleStars.Com

From: Sami Fab, Editor


Over the past several months we have received a very high amount of request to have links removed from our site. ArticleStars.Com is a free article directory that allows registered users to post articles. Many authors will include links back to their websites in their articles, their resource section, and their Author bio section.

Many website owners paid people, personnel, or SEO companies to do SEO work for them. These people and companies many times spammed our Article Directory as a strategy to gain backlinks for the sites they were trying to SEO. Now these website owners that had people do this for them are asking to have their links be removed from our article directory.

The ArticleStars Article Directory has over 290,000 Authors with over one million articles, therefore, this has caused us many extra hours of spending time to help attend to these link removal requests. To help us recover our costs and time in helping to remove these links and to help verify that you are the owner of the website link that is being removed we are requesting a small one time fee of $21.00 to remove these links.

Once we receive a payment and details of the pages with links to your sites we will begin work to remove your unwanted links.

You Will be Contacted by me to begin work to remove your unwanted links.

Kind Regards,

Sami Fab
Editor ArticleStars.Com